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What is

The Mumbai Portal?

The Mumbai Portal is an audiovisual experience that merges cultures and bridges physical boundaries. It is an honest attempt towards meaningful interactions between people all over the world.

The Mumbai Portal will connect people who have pushed the boundaries of the human spirit, overcome challenges of all kinds and most importantly, who, on an ordinary day, would not be able to meet. The Mumbai Portal makes it possible for them to talk, exchange stories and spread their resilience,  and perspective around the world. The Mumbai Portal makes it possible for them to have interactions that inspire!

How does it work?

Each Portal is a recycled shipping container or custom structure that has been transformed into a hub for these unique interactions. At the moment, there are 25 Portals all over the world, each equipped with the most sophisticated technology.

When you walk into one Portal you are met live, full-body, face-to-face, by someone in a distant Portal and can converse as if you were standing in the same space.

This technology gives Portal participants a chance to have a conversation with someone in another location as if they were right there in front of them.

Why do we need a Portal?

While new technologies allow us to connect across boundaries like never before, these connections are often restricted to those in our own communities.

By interacting through a Portal, participants step out of their comfort zones, talk to someone completely unrelated to their individual lives and discover the multitude of amazing things happening all over the world!

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What can you expect at

The Mumbai Portal?

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Open to all

Apart from the scheduled interactions, there will be several sessions that are open for one and all, on all four days.


All you have to do is be present at Azad Maidan, Mumbai during the ‘open’ slots. Or you can register yourself for an open session that’s convenient for you.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is the largest sporting event in Asia and India's biggest platform for charity.

But the reason for its existence itself, is that the SCMM symbolises the way the human spirit survives challenges of all kinds.

It only made sense for such an event to whole-heartedly support The Mumbai Portal and encourage India to get out there and discover the many, many inspiring stories popping up all over the world.

The team

Procam International is the country's leading sports and leisure management company. It has been involved with over 50 events worldwide. It is the promoter of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

A specialised innovation lab started by chlorophyll, India's first end-to-end brand consultancy.

The lab has curated a unique ecosystem of technologists, artists, anthropologists and brand experts that are hand-picked for each brand project.

The unit aims to foster and promote collaborative innovation that makes a meaningful impact on society.

 A multidisciplinary arts, design and technology collective focused on carving wormholes throughout the world.

They ground the connective potential of new technology in physical spaces to create more accessible, secure, and sacred encounters between diverse populations.

Making of

The Mumbai Portal


open sessions

Why is this a SCMM initiative?

Four frenzied days. Four great artists.

The Mumbai Portal merges technological and artistic innovation as never before. The traditionally stark container came to life when four creative minds got together to reveal the limits that true passion can reach.


Bound together by their love for the arts and JJ School of Arts background, Ajinkya, Sanskar, Rakesh and Raja, rose to the occasion when they were asked to paint the Portal to reflect its purpose. Almost overnight, symbols of how strong the human spirit is, began appearing on the outsides of the container, painstakingly detailed and illustrated. Here’s a little more about the Mumbai artists that made this possible.


Ajinkya Sutar is a brand ideator and designer at chlorophyll, always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with different artists and experiment with styles, technique and media. He designed the identity for Patna Pirates, a team in India's Pro Kabbadi League, and has illustrated books for the NGO Katha and many others.


Sanskar Sawant is an illustrator and installation artist who has worked with Taxi Fabric, designed a rickshaw in Mumbai and four Electric Delhi rickshaws for the city's Electric Daisy Carnival festival. He travels extensively in India, soaks in the vibe wherever he is and paints countryside homes in return for a room!


Rakesh Kadam, is a mural artist and set designer and built a miniature film set for Tata Sky. He has enjoyed experimenting with different media and materials since childhood which spurred his love for art.


Raja Javir is a mural artist and set designer for various Marathi films and plays. He has painted wall murals for Asian Paints in Pune, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad.

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chlorophyll | end to end brand consultancy
chlorophyll | end to end brand consultancy